Hello hockey fans and potential hockey fans!

So I’m no writer and I’m no hockey expert. I’m just a huge fan of hockey and want to see it’s viewership expand. I’m constantly telling people about how exciting hockey is to watch and follow and always trying to turn more people into being fans of professional hockey. I’m only familiar with the NHL and AHL, so that’s what I’ll be referencing here. I ask and welcome any and all input.

Some topics I plan to cover are:

  • How to follow and enjoy a televised hockey game.
  • Watching hockey vs. other sports
  • Traditions
  • Fighting, physical play and penalties
  • Players – star players and role players
  • Rivalries
  • Playoffs

and other topics of discussion as they come to mind or suggested. Like I said, I’m a fan. Not a rules expert. Not a historian. Feel free to call me out on areas where I may be wrong.

Speaking of traditions, as I watch the Flyers vs. the Bruins in the first televised game of the 2014/2015 opening season, I’m getting chills listening to Rene Rancourt, sing the national anthem. Rene has been the national anthem singer at Boston Bruins home games for 35 years, and he is a tradition himself. Rene always finishes his national anthem with a certain number of fist pumps, depending upon the importance of the game, and has an innate ability to fire up a crowd like no other national anthem singer!

So, here we go. The 2014/2015 NHL season has begun. Watch, enjoy, get excited. It’s like no other spectator sport out there!

– Sincerely,

Chris Knowles


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