The Action!!

I often hear complaints from casual sports viewers about the speed, or lack of, in professional sports games. Hockey provides so much more action than any of the other major sports viewing. Not knocking other sports, because I absolutely enjoy watching baseball, football, nascar, and pretty much any sporting event on television. Not a big fan of pro basketball. Too many fouls. Too much flopping. Too many game stoppages, especially in the final minutes.

Hockey games are extremely action-packed, fast-paced, and overall quicker games. Three 20 minute periods with very few stoppages compared to the other sports. The final minutes of a close hockey game are amazing! Quick, hard-hitting, edge-of-your seat intensity. If you are curious about getting into watching hockey, I would start out finding a televised game with a close score and just watch the final 5 minutes. You won’t be disappointed!

NOTE: Last post I mentioned Rene Rancourt, the Boston Bruins national anthem. I recommend YOUTUBE Boston Bruins National Anthem after the marathon bombing. It’ll give you chills and pride.


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