All-Star Weekend

This weekend is All-Star Weekend which is complete with fun, entertainment, and excitement all of its own. Beginning with the All-Star Roster Draft (an idea the NFL has recently adopted), to the Skills Challenge, to the All-Star Game itself, it’s a great opportunity to see the true personalities of the players. These guys are so skilled, strong, and tough yet they maintain great senses-of-humor and don’t take themselves too seriously. Even though they play for opposing teams during the season, most know each other through junior leagues, colleges, international play or former teammates, so it gives the players a chance to be lighthearted with their peers. It’s also funny to see some of these guys without their helmets & equipment on. My favorite “not what you’d expect” player is Phil Kessel of the Toronto Maple Leafs, whose one of the best young forwards in the game and looks like a middle-age accountant.

The All-Star Skills Challenge gives players as chance to show off their speed, puck control, and shooting skills including the hardest shot in the league (over 105 mph)! And the game itself is a showcase of talent from the very best players in the league. Throughout the entire weekend, fans get a chance to interact with players, get pictures and autographs, and enjoy the skills and personalities of professional hockey.

Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to watch some of the festivities this weekend. Here’s the television schedule:

Roster Draft:               Friday, 1/23, 7:00pm EST on NBCSports

Skills Challenge:         Saturday, 1/24, 7:00pm EST on NBCSports

All-Star Game:            Sunday, 1/25, 5pm EST on NBCSports