It’s hard to write anything on this blog because I’m too busy glued to all this badass playoff hockey. These Eastern Conference semis are as slammin! I’ve been watching this kid Tyler Johnson for Tampa Bay. This guy’s the star of the playoffs so far and I don’t think anyone outside of Tampa and paid hockey analysts had ever heard of this dude before. When you talk Tampa Bay Lighting you think Steven Stamkos, but Tyler Johnson has carried this team in the playoffs as the playoff leader in goals scored. The Lighting and Washington Capitals have been my two favorite teams to follow this playoffs. I’m a big Ovechkin fan and he has been dominating. If you haven’t seen it, check out his split 2 defenders diving goal shot from Saturday!

So I’m pretty positive I don’t have one single person who reads this blog so I might as well talk about whatever the heck I want. I started writing a book a few years ago and I’m pretty sure it’s the worst dribble ever put down on pages. So far I’ve written the equivalent of about 30 pages in a typical-size paperback book. I have know idea why I decided, or even thought I could, write a book. Just bored one day sitting around the house. Part of it was to give me something to do while sitting alone in bars drinking draft beer or Johnnie Walker Black, so as to look somewhat interesting or not like a weird old dude sitting alone in a bar.

While I type this I just watched Stamkos put a move on Carey Price, possibly the best goalie in the NHL, for a goal that blew my mind. Oh and an assist to Tyler Johnson, of course. Wow! That was impressive!

Man it’s fun to watch playoff hockey….