A New Approach…

So it has certainly been determined with my first attempt at a blog that I’m an idiot. With my love of the sport of hockey, living in a non-hockey city with few hockey fans, I thought providing a simple and fun approach to enjoying the sport as a fan I would introduce new fans to watching hockey. Yea no one cares. I’m a nerdy dude in Texas who has never played one minute of the sport. My small circle of nerdy friends in Texas who also have never played seemed interested in my view. And to their credit, they did support my efforts and read my posts and a couple even re-tweeted them. So my pals have my back and I love ’em for that.

Now I’m changing things up. I recently began my quest to earn my MBA degree from Concordia University in Austin, Texas. I’m now taking a class call “Leadership Self Seminar” and part of the class requirements is to journal about my daily life and my path to success and leadership. So I changed the name of this blog to “ChasingMyDreams8” and will use it as my own personal journal.

I chose the name “Chasing My Dreams” cause it’s a saying I began using several years back as a response to any one of those generic exchange greetings you have when passing in a hall or parking lot or somewhere. You’re familiar with this: Person A: “how’s it going?” Person B: “pretty good” or “what’s up?”, “not much” and then each go your separate ways. I wanted a more creative response…so that’s where “Chasing My Dreams” comes from. Unfortunately, chasingmydreams was taken as a blog site so I added the number 8 because it’s my favorite number. Oh and the subtitle “…one nightmare at a time”, I just thought it sounded cool.

So there ya go. This blog will now be my life journal in partial fulfillment of my MBA requirements and partially for my own personal ramblings.

P.S. I still love hockey. Watching it. Following it. Talking about it. Today is February 19, 2017 and it’s “Hockey Day in American” and I’m watching my 4th game in a row. It’s been a good day!


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