I hope I don’t get an F…

So today is Friday and I should have been writing daily for fulfillment of my Leadership class. I have not…I just don’t have that much to say. Hopefully my professor will not give me a failing grade for this….I will do better.

Any case, I’ve been feeling extremely stressed over the last couple of weeks. Not having a job will do that to you. I lost my job in mid-November. Fortunately, unemployment kicked in and has been allowing me to handle my financial obligations. During the holidays, it was nice to not worry about work. I just enjoyed the holidays and was able to take my annual Christmas trip to Las Vegas. I really enjoy spending Christmas in Las Vegas. Not having kids of my own, I prefer to spend Christmas alone. Thanksgiving I spend with family, parents, brothers, nieces and nephews, who I all think are awesome. But Christmas is for the kids and they don’t really care if I’m there or not, they just want presents. So I go to Vegas. I can have a great time surrounded by people that I can talk and socialize with all kinda doing the same thing as me. It’s almost like a club of strangers who are united by our escape to Vegas for Christmas. And the decorations are the best anywhere I’ve ever visited. The place is just full of energy (as it always is) but this is Christmas energy.

So now it’s February and reality has hit that I can not go much longer without a job. I’m not going to elaborate too much on that now because today I woke up feeling great. Weirdly enough, it’s primarily due to a really cool dream I had last night. I won’t elaborate on the dream (no it’s not X-rated) but I had a great night sleep that was awoken by the end of a great dream. So I feel good today. I did not immediately get on my phone and social media. I turned on some nice music, made some coffee, and sat on the porch to watch the sun and the wildlife wake up with me. I need more mornings like this. It also makes me feel closer to God,which I have been really working on improving my relationship.

So that’s this morning. I’ll do my best to keep it going…


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