It’s Not Summer Yet…

It was a chilly February day in Austin today. But the sun was out and the landscape looks nice. I headed out to watch the Concordia baseball team play. It’s the first Concordia sporting event I’ve been to since I became a grad student. The game was awesome as they won in the last inning with a bunt squeeze play for the tying run and a walk-off single for the winning run. I really enjoyed watching “my school” play. A main reason I wanted to go to grad school was to be a student again. Enjoy the camaraderie of the collegiate atmosphere and taking part in the traditions of school. There was a good crowd and strong support for the home team Tornados. I met a few current and past-students who struck up conversations with me like they already knew me. That is a wonderful aspect of this school. Everyone is accepting and friendly. I’m an older student but I’ve never felt looked at, judged, or out of place. It’s nice. I want to work here after I graduate.


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