It’s been a fun break!

I start a new job tomorrow. I relate starting a new job like the first day of school. Meet new co-workers, get your materials together, set up your work space, supplies, folders, instructions, paperwork and anxiety with a mix of excitement. And just like the first day of school, I have my gear and clothes all picked out for the week. I haven’t had a full-time job in five months. Which seems like a long time but went by fast. I did have quite a bit of fun. Went to Vegas twice, caught some live sporting events, took my annual ski trip, and hung around doing hood-rat stuff. ¬†And I worked as event staff during SXSW. That was awesome. Met some fantastic people and really enjoyed being a somewhat important person facilitating crowd control and helping music attendees have fun. So it was a chillin’ few months but it’s time to change things up. I’m tired of being bored and broke. I’m going to attack this job with positivity, persistance, and prayer. Oh and the hockey playoffs start this week and that’s always rockin’!