I visit the Ozarks…

So I’ve been meaning to write about my most recent trip for a week but, as I said prior, with the new job and a more intense MBA class, I’m still finding my groove in managing my time. I wanted to write about my cool little trip into the northwest area of Arkansas a couple of weeks ago. I’ve never been to Arkansas. The landscape was beautiful and what you’d expect. Rolling hills of green forests. The reason why I was out there was to attend the wedding of my cousin’s daughter. I haven’t figured out what that makes me in the family tree – is it a combo of niece/cousin? Any case, it was a great time. The wedding itself was different than any wedding I’ve been before and, quite frankly, was actually nice to see a couple take the tradition of marriage/wedding more seriously. I’ve been to so many weddings where it was show up, say a few things, pronounce the couple, and hit the reception. These folks took this seriously and it was refreshing. They spoke on how they met, acknowledge family and history, and spoke of their future as a couple. I really enjoyed it. I also really appreciated spending time with extended family that I don’t see very often. Visiting family is so nice because it’s really when you can truly just be yourself with no judgement or anxiety of how you look or act. Everyone just appreciates you for you and there’s that family bond, no matter how long it’s been, of we all understand each other’s history and roots. We also visited the University of Arkansas, which is a great little compact campus including a cool outdoor Greek theater unlike anything I’ve seen on any other college campus. Of course it reinforced my desire to work in higher education. The locals in this quaint area of Arkansas were polite, respectful, and friendly. I enjoyed this trip much more than I originally anticipated. So now I’m back to grind of work and school and it’s going well. I just need to keep my attitude positive and my faith strong. Happy summer!



Man I got busy…

Last I wrote I was starting a new job after 5 months of me time. I forgot how busy you get when you work a full time job, and full time is relative to me because, one of the few aspects I enjoy about being an outside salesperson, is being able to regulate your time to a less than 40 hours a week of actual work. That being said, It’s been an adjustment. The worst is soooo much driving. I’ve been all over small town central Texas from Waco to New Braunfels and every old Texas community town in-between. Some of it has been pretty cool though. Lockhart has been my favorite spot so far. Cool old original buildings & an fantastic county office right in the center of town. When I travel from town to town, I always find the public library. Somewhat surprisingly, every town stills has a public library and some of them have this great classic charm. The Lockhart library also easily my favorite as it’s inside this original 1800’s building complete with crickety old wood floors and giant stained glass windows. Georgetown also has a cool library with a great cafe in the middle.

With working, I’ve had to make sure and pay close attention to my MBA schedule and block out set time to study and complete assignments. My current class is Managerial Accounting and it’s as difficult as is sounds. I’ve always been good with math but challenged with accounting and finance subjects. It’s gonna be a battle for an “A” and I’m not there right now. But I’m going to keep fighting and stay committed to keep driving for my goal of a career in higher education.

Now to watch some Stanley Cup action….can’t wait until the first game in Nashville. The home playoff games in Nashville have been in the top 5 home crowds I’ve seen in playoff sports. From the anthem to the chants to the local support, game 4 and 5 are going to be incredible!